Where Art and Artificial Intelligence unite in the fight against ALS

Laarne – December 1, Alain Verspecht, founder of ALS Fonds Vlaanderen vzw and ALS patient since 2007, launches 'The ALS Art Initiative'. It doesn't only concern an e-shop for AI-generated artworks, but it is also an intense statement of Verspecht's core values: equality, diversity, sustainability and charity.

HIs professional life, from IT entrepreneurship to AI-enabled artistic creation, tells a story of resilience and innovation. Despite the challenges of ALS, he has overcome the physical limitations of the disease by using AI to create art. Art that celebrates life and contributes to the society. His work, including 'Inclusion in Cubism: The Down Syndrome Narrative', reflects his commitment to inclusion and empowerment of all individuals, regardless of their background.

The webshop offers a range of AI artworks with Western but also Eastern influences. Some works are autobiographical and concern Alain's arduous path as an ALS patient. But all this not without showing his commitment to environmental responsibility, and highlighting ethical practices. Every print meets the highest standards CO2 neutrality, from energy-efficient production to sustainable packaging and even the offsetting of CO2 emissions through Gold Standard-certified projects.

T-shirts are also available, with art print of course. These also form one evidence of the initiative's broader commitment to organic, vegan and transparent fashion. Each garment complies with the Oeko-Tex, PETA, and GOTS certifications, ensuring ecological integrity and animal welfare guaranteed.

Furthermore, the initiative is an outspoken advocate for equality and diversity, recognizing the richness that a truly inclusive society brings. It defends the idea that diversity drives innovation and that equality ensures that every voice is valued. This philosophy is deeply ingrained in each aspect of the initiative, from the artwork to the operation of the webshop.

In addition to supporting sustainability, alainverspecht.com is committed to to donate all profits to ALS research, with a specific focus on funding of ALS studies at KU Leuven, where the ALS Fund Alain Verspecht was founded in 2012. The charity aspect of the initiative extends to occasional support to other charities, ensuring the positive impact of every purchase via the webshop is enlarged.

The launch of the webshop on December 1 marks an important step in the journey van Verspecht. Art lovers are invited to participate in an initiative that is both pimping the interior and forging a path to a fairer and more sustainable world.

Discover the collection at www.alainverspecht.com.
Contact person: Katrien Asselbergh, Alain's wife.
Contact information: contact@als-fonds.be
Address: Meerskant 2a, 9270 LAARNE  

ABOUT: ALS Fonds Vlaanderen vzw

The ALS Fund Flanders, a Belgian non-profit, aims to raise funds for scientific research into ALS. In Belgium alone there are about 1,000 ALS patients, every year about 200 people are diagnosed with ALS and about the same number die from the disease. ALS is a debilitating condition resulting in the deterioration of motor nerve cells in the spinal cord and brain stem, due to which the control of the muscles completely disappears. The patient becomes completely paralyzed and the disease becomes fatal 3 to 5 years after diagnosis. Today there is still no insight into the mechanism of ALS and there is no effective treatment for the vast majority of patients.

Because we highly esteem transparency and furthermore it is very important for donors to know that their money is well spent, a fund for ALS research was established in 2013 under the wings of the Leuven University Fund. Our Fund is managed by professor Philip Van Damme, head of the ALS research team at KU Leuven.

Since its founding we collected €860,915 (dd. October 30, 2023) in our ALS Fund for ALS research. ALS Fonds Vlaanderen is located in Laarne and is managed by a team of 3 directors, namely Alain Verspecht, Katrien Asselbergh and Claudine Verspecht. The Board of Directors is responsible for the general management and policy of ALS Fund Flanders. The chairman and the other board members are volunteers and practice their assignment unpaid, they have a mandate of indefinite duration.

An enthusiastic group of volunteers provides extra support for multiple actions and events and helps with many practical matters, They are of inestimable value to ALS Fonds Vlaanderen.