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Giclée: The Art of Precision in Printmaking

Discover the exquisite world of giclée prints in our collection. Giclée, a term derived from the French word for "spray," represents the zenith of printmaking technology. Originating in the 1980s, this technique uses advanced inkjet printers that precisely apply microscopic ink droplets, capturing every nuance of the original artwork.

Our giclée prints are renowned for their superb quality and longevity, distinguishing themselves from traditional printing methods. By employing high-resolution digital artwork and archival quality pigment inks, these prints ensure a fidelity to the original work that is unparalleled. The meticulous process guarantees vibrant colors and detailed imagery, making each piece a true masterpiece of digital printmaking.

Embrace the exceptional quality and enduring beauty of giclée prints, a perfect blend of art and technology, bringing the essence of the original artwork right into your space.

Hahnemühle German Etching

Indulge in the tactile luxury of our Hahnemühle German Etching, a premier choice among our collection of heavyweight Giclée fine art papers. This opulent paper boasts a pronounced, mottled texture and a subtly warm white hue, laying the foundation for prints that come to life with vigorous colors and profound, velvety blacks. The rich, high-contrast visuals are attributed to the paper's substantial texture, which allows for an enhanced ink absorption.

Every print on the German Etching paper is a testament to quality, presenting a weighty and pronounced texture that imparts a sense of handcrafted artistry to your work. Durability is key; the robust nature of this Giclée paper ensures minimal fraying at the edges, preserving the integrity of your art.

Paper Weight: 310 GSM

Hahnemühle German Etching Attributes:

  • Finish: Matte
  • Paper Tone: Slightly Warm White
  • Texture: Distinctly High and Spaced

Craft your masterpieces with confidence, knowing that each print is not just a reproduction, but an extension of your artistic vision, grounded in the finest printing materials.

Hahnemühle Pearl

Discover the exceptional qualities of Hahnemühle Pearl Giclee Paper in our AI art webshop. This premium paper boasts a distinctive smooth texture akin to that of an orange peel, enhanced by a resin coating for a tactile, fibrous sensation and a lustrous satin-like finish. Its bright, neutral white base enhances the natural depth of black and white imagery while providing a vivid canvas for color reproduction. These features harmoniously blend to impart your images with the richness and depth reminiscent of an oil painting.

Hahnemühle Pearl is a top choice within our Giclee art paper collection, especially recommended for mounting. It's also a favorite among photographers who appreciate its unique aesthetic qualities.


  • Weight: 285 GSM
  • Finish: Pearl/Satin
  • Paper Tone: Natural White
  • Texture: Fine orange peel

Experience the transformative impact of Hahnemühle Pearl on your artwork – where each print is not just a picture, but a piece of art.

Hahnemühle Bamboo

Discover the pioneering Hahnemühle Bamboo Giclée Paper – an eco-conscious choice for your fine art prints, featuring a revolutionary composition of 90% bamboo fibers blended with 10% cotton. This unique blend bestows the paper with a naturally warm base tone, enhancing the aesthetic appeal of your artwork.

Crafted without optical brightening agents, our bamboo paper promises outstanding longevity, ensuring that your art withstands the test of time. With its exceptionally smooth surface, the paper enables sharp, vivid detail reproduction.

Optimal for art that radiates warmth or for timeless monochrome imagery, the Hahnemühle Bamboo Paper boasts an expansive color range and rich color density, capturing the nuances of your artwork with precision.

Hahnemühle Bamboo Specifications:

  • Paper Weight: 290 GSM
  • Finish: Matte
  • Color Tone: Warm Creamy Yellow
  • Texture: Smooth

Embrace the fusion of tradition and innovation with our Hahnemühle Bamboo Giclée Paper, where sustainability meets quality.

Hahnemühle Photorag

The Hahnemühle Photorag paper is renowned among artists, illustrators, and photographers for its ultra-matte finish. It offers deeply muted blacks, consistent color reproduction, and sharp detail. The paper's surface is subtly textured, resembling a smooth, chalk-like cotton, ideal for creating even color gradients. While the paper's fine surface requires careful handling, its cotton composition makes it well-suited for mounting.

  • Paper Weight: 308 GSM
  • Finish: Matte
  • Paper Tone: Off White
  • Texture: Smooth