HARLEY DAVIDSON REVERIE, Neon Dreams and Chrome Reflections

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Size: 60cm x 80cm, 23.8inches x 31.5inches

Frame: White

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Step into a world of Artificial Intelligence where the splendor of mechanical design meets the exuberance of urban artistry with "Harley Davidson Reverie, Neon Dreams and Chrome Reflections". This Giclée print on the luxurious Hahnemühle Pearl medium brings to life a 1994 Harley Davidson Special, a jewel of engineering, captured in a moment of still grandeur against the animated backdrop of a vibrant tattoo parlor.

Inspired by the sharp photorealism of Scott Jacobs and infused with the spirited palette of David Hockney’s stylized vistas, this piece embodies a juxtaposition that enchants the senses. With every polished surface, the motorcycle mirrors the electric hues of its surroundings, weaving a visual symphony of color and light.

Curated for those who carve their niche, this piece finds its rightful place amidst the eclectic decor of a man cave or the creative retreat of a she shed. It's a centerpiece that speaks to the soul of escapism and the allure of the open road, even as it sits quietly, basking in a spectrum of neon glow.

In "Harley Davidson Reverie, Neon Dreams and Chrome Reflections", you won't find brand marks or emblems; instead, the artwork celebrates the unadorned silhouette of an iconic ride, focusing on the curves, the chrome, the inherent beauty of a classic without the need for badges. This is a canvas where your imagination kickstarts the engine, and the journey is as limitless as the sky reflected in the shop's glass.

Ideal for the aficionado who finds poetry in the purr of a Harley engine and art in the sleek lines of its form, this print promises to be a conversation starter, an inspiration, and a statement of one's love for the road less traveled. It’s not just art; it’s a tribute to the time-honored and the ever-evolving, a slice of Americana for the modern connoisseur.

  • Giclée printed on fine art gallery quality Hahnemühle Pearl
  • Available in 2 frame sizes and 3 frame colours. Frame is made from solid wood and glass, and comes in three colours; black, white, oak.
  • Limited Edition: 30 x 40 cm: LE of 25 pcs
  • Limited Edition: 60 x 80 cm: LE of 10 pcs
  • Certificate of authenticity included
  • Digital signature printed on the artwork
  • 100% Guaranteed Satisfaction