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Size: 60cm x 80cm, 23.8inches x 31.5inches

Frame: White

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"Nina Ballerina", an AI painting Giclée printed on fine art gallery quality Hahnemühle Pearl, stands as a monument to the silent poetry of dance, an impasto piece of art that immortalizes the fluid grace of its subject. The textured brushwork adds a tangible intensity to Nina's form, each stroke laden with the weight and lightness of her craft. The contrast of her luminous white tutu against the absorbing darkness around her is reminiscent of a lone star piercing the night.

This solitary figure, captured in the sanctity of the studio's embrace, tells a story of dedication that transcends the digital canvas, speaking to the quiet moments of preparation that precede the storm of applause. In her stillness, there is motion; in the silence of the studio, the echo of symphonies past. Nina's pose, though static, whirls with the memory of a pirouette, her spirit alight with the joy and sorrow of every performance. This painting does not just show a dancer at rest; it encapsulates the essence of ballet itself—the strength, the beauty, and the continuous dance between light and shadow that is the ballerina's journey.

  • Giclée printed on fine art gallery quality Hahnemühle Pearl
  • Available in 1 frame sizes and 3 frame colours.
  • Frame is made from solid wood and glass, and comes in three colours; black, white, oak.
  • Limited Edition: 60 x 80 cm ONLY 2 PIECES (one in artist's private collection, one for sales)
  • Certificate of authenticity included
  • Digital signature printed on the artwork
  • 100% Guaranteed Satisfaction