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Size: 60cm x 80cm, 23.8inches x 31.5inches

Frame: White

SKU 8443114-3024945

Step into "Surreal Soirée in Paris," a vibrant AI tribute to the whimsical world of Joan Miró, where the conventional Parisian landscape is transformed into a playground of the imagination. This piece is a celebration of color and form, where the iconic silhouettes of Parisian architecture dance with abstract shapes and surreal lines under a sky painted with the hues of dreams. The Eiffel Tower, rendered with a touch of the fantastical, stands as a beacon amidst this effervescent chaos, inviting the viewer to lose themselves in a festive fusion of reality and reverie.

Each brushstroke is a note in a visual symphony of joy and wonder, composed to defy logic and awaken the playful spirit within. "Surreal Soirée in Paris" is not just a painting; it is an open invitation to frolic in the essence of Miró's artistic vision, to view the world through a lens of joyful abstraction and to find delight in the delightful disarray of color and shape.


  • Giclée printed on fine art gallery quality Hahnemühle Pearl
  • Available in 1 frame sizes and 3 frame colours.
  • Frame is made from solid wood and glass, and comes in three colours; black, white, oak.
  • Limited Edition: 60 x 80 cm: LE of 2 pcs
  • Certificate of authenticity included
  • Digital signature printed on the artwork.
  • 100% Guaranteed Satisfaction