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AI Artwork with a clear Mission

All of our paintings are pieces of Artificial Intelligence (AI) art with a clear mission. Each artwork sold is a step forward in the fight against ALS, as 100% of the proceeds of this website go directly to funding vital research into Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS). Join us in this artistic journey towards a world free from ALS.

About Giclée

Giclée (pronounced 'zhee-clay') is a French term meaning ‘to spray’ or ‘to squirt’. The process involves the use of high-quality inkjet printers to produce prints with exceptional detail and a wide color gamut. This printing technique is popular among artists and photographers for reproductions of their original work, as it ensures longevity and durability, with colors that remain vibrant for decades. The use of archival inks and substrates further enhances the print's resistance to fading, making Giclée prints a preferred choice for galleries, museums, and art collectors.